2021 UWGC Impact Story - Alli Cooper
2021 UWGC Impact Story - Alli Cooper
(United Way of Greater Cincinnati)

Moira's Message: We Are All Inspired by Alli

Alli was a driven student who faced a number of hardships in her youth. Thanks to United Way and partner organizations, she is crafting a better life for her and her child.
July 20, 2021

CINCINNATI, Ohio (July 20, 2021) —

Dear friends,

People like Alli are the reason we are inspired to build better systems for families in our community.

Today we’re releasing the first in a series of videos about people who have benefitted from the support of innovative programs designed to change systems and improve lives.

Alli was a driven student whose parents experienced financial instability due to low wages and health challenges, making life difficult for her and her four siblings. When Alli became pregnant during high school, her life immediately became even more complicated. Determined to make a better life for her child, Alli finished high school and enrolled in Northern Kentucky University, where she learned about several programs designed to help her succeed.

Click the image below to watch and read her inspiring story.

Watch and Read Alli's Inspiring story. Click here.


While it is complex work, stories like this remind me that when we meet immediate needs like housing and transportation while considering what a family needs for long-term success, we create environments where people can truly thrive.

Surrounded by several programs that received investments from United Way, Alli is pursuing a bright future for herself and her daughter. All of this was possible thanks to our generous community.


Moira Weir
United Way of Greater Cincinnati


P.S. - To read more stories about how your investment in United Way impacts the lives of individuals and families, visit uwgc.org/stories. New stories are added often, so check back frequently for the latest.

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