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About United Way

Moira Weir, President/CEO

Moira's Message: Meet the New Team

Dear United Way friends, How would you like to start a new job in the middle of a pandemic, when everyone is working from home, with an organization moving at full speed because its support is…


Moira's Message: The collective power of agency partners & United Way

CINCINNATI, OHIO (Sept. 21, 2021) — Dear United Way friends,  There is one thing I know with great certainty—when families work towards economic well-being, they know what they need to achieve it…

Image of the aftermath of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Courtesy of the Library of Congress's American Red Cross Collection.

Juneteenth 2021 & Remembering the Tulsa Race Massacre

CINCINNATI, Ohio (June 17, 2021) - This Saturday, we celebrate Juneteenth. At United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Juneteenth provides another opportunity to express our commitment to learning,…

Image of UWGC Middletown Area Center Logo

Second Middletown Area Community Health Worker Hired

CINCINNATI, Ohio (July 2, 2021) - Calvin Davis has joined UWGC’s Middletown Area Center team as Community Health Worker. He will be working with United Way, the Center for Closing the Health Gap, and…

Image of diverse mother and daughter hugging shoulders.

Moira's Message: UWGC Grants $9M+ to Help With COVID-19 Fallout

CINCINNATI, Ohio (July 5, 2021) - Dear friends,   This money helps the "boots on the ground" stabilize and budget for 2022. Their work is extremely important. While the health effects of the…

Image of a father showing his son how to trace objects.

Moira's Message: Update on Four Fundamental Strategies of UWGC

July 27, 2021 — Dear friends, My first day at United Way of Greater Cincinnati coincided exactly with the beginning of the pandemic. I was already well acquainted with the incredibly difficult…

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