Tocqueville Event Recaps - 2023

Did you miss the last Tocqueville event? Find the recap for each one of 2023 here.
December 5, 2023
United Way of Greater Cincinnati Tocqueville Society


The Tocqueville Tuesday series is one of many signature events where members enjoy meeting other philanthropic leaders.

Each exclusive event is designed to give members an engaging, up-close look at how your investment changes lives in our community. When Tocqueville members meet, they create a powerful force of good.

Below is a recap of each Tocqueville Tuesday event in 2023.

Dec. 2023 Tocqueville Tuesday

December 2023


CINCINNATI (Dec. 5, 2023) — United Way of Greater Cincinnati President and CEO Moira Weir spoke to Tocqueville members about the ways we form unique partnerships to reshape services, improve coordination across sectors and ensure community solutions are data-driven. Panelists explored this through the lens of United Way’s 211 Helpline. 

United Way of Greater Cincinnati has operated a helpline for 47 years. It was rebranded as 211 in 2003. There are 14 call centers throughout Ohio. Our local 211 Care Coordinators serve callers in an 8-county area in Kentucky and Ohio. They answer calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Last year Care Coordinators answered more than 50,000 calls. They connect callers to essential community services and resources such as transportation, child care, rent and utility relief, job training and Free Tax Prep. Most calls are related to utility relief and housing assistance. 

Moira was joined by United Way partners who collaborate to leverage 211 to create strategies aimed at solving community challenges. Panelists included: 

  • Gina Hemenway, Executive Director of Community Health, Mercy Health 
  • Renee Mahaffey Harris, CEO, The Center for Closing the Health Gap 
  • Kate Schroder, President & CEO, Interact for Health 
  • Virginia Tallent, Assistant City Manager, City of Cincinnati

Learn more about how 211 Care Coordinators serve our community at


September Tocqueville Tuesday



CINCINNATI (Sept. 5, 2023) — United Way President and CEO Moira Weir and Board Chair Barbara Turner spoke to Tocqueville members about our community’s conditions regarding early education, housing stability and financial empowerment, noting the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on those areas.

Barbara shared, “The data is simultaneously unsurprising and sobering. The last three years have hit our community hard; families especially face an uphill battle. United Way stands ready and determined to get [our community] back on track, but we cannot do it alone. I ask you to reflect on how you can help us grow that base of support.” 


Tocqueville First Tuesday Panel on Housing and Family Stability, May 2023
May 2, 2023: (Pictured left-to-right) Philip Denning, Alisa Berry, Rachel Hastings, Bobby Maly and Kristen Baker.
(United Way of Greater Cincinnati, 2023)

MAY 2023


CINCINNATI (May 9, 2023) — In May, Tocqueville members met at Queen City Club to hear from a panel of experts about housing issues that members of the Cincinnati community face daily. 

Kristen Baker, a Tocqueville member and Executive Director of LISC, led the panel in an in-depth discussion that covered housing issues on state and local levels. 

Panelists Alisa Berry, Philip Denning, Rachel Hastings and Bobby Maly said collaborative efforts are required to address housing issues and bring stability to families. They noted that systemic changes must be and are being made.

Kerry Byrne of Total Quality Logistics was the featured guest speaker at March 2023's First Tuesday event.
March 7, 2023: (Pictured left-to-right) Tocqueville member Joel Stone; Kerry Byrne, President/CEO of Total Quality Logistics; Moira Weir, President/CEO of United Way of Greater Cincinnati.
(Katie Wallace / United Way of Greater Cincinnati)

MARCH 2023


CINCINNATI (March 7, 2023) — Total Quality Logistics President Kerry Byrne and United Way President and CEO Moira Weir took part in a March 7 chat, moderated by Tocqueville member Joel Stone, that focused on the intersection of philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and nonprofit partnerships.

They discussed the importance of being a good neighbor and what that means to them and their organizations. Kerry shared his excitement about being this year’s United Way campaign chair and said he is grateful for the opportunity to support United Way and help the community.


Tocqueville First Tuesdays are made possible by the generous support of UC Health.

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