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Moira's Message: Free Tax Prep Results 2021

With tax season behind us, we're proud to announce the results of UWGC's 2021 Free Tax Prep program.
June 1, 2021

June 1, 2021 - 

Dear friends:

With tax season behind us, our Free Tax Prep program's work is best described with faces and figures.

“I like it,” said Debbie, a 70-year-old home health aide who used to rely on a commercial tax prep service that she said became too expensive. “[United Way of Greater Cincinnati volunteers are] very accurate. You feel comfortable with them.” Plus, “they’re quick. They’ve got a system going. They get you in and out.”

This tax season, more than 300 of our volunteers helped file nearly 6,800 returns. We saved participants about $2 million in tax preparation fees and helped them obtain $10 million in refunds.

James Albert volunteered. The retired computer programmer has done so for 15 years, devoting about 10 hours a week. 

“I enjoy numbers and just wanted to help out,” he said. “It’s rewarding when a person says ‘thank you’ and acknowledges that you’re helping them out.” 

Donald Albright, who works as a courier and has relied on Free Tax Prep for 10-plus years, was among the taxpayers at the Madisonville site expressing gratitude. “They are extremely nice,” he said. “They seem to be extremely knowledgeable. That’s what keeps bringing me back—the comfort level.” 

This year presented challenges, from extending the filing deadline to changes in rules due to 95 percent of low-income households suffered and layoff or income loss in 2020. Our volunteers persevered and our participants benefited.

There's not much more to say. I’ll let the faces—Debbie, James and Donald—and the figures—$2 million saved and $10 million in refunds—do all the talking.


Moira Weir

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