211's Impact: United Way Helped Father of Two in Time of Need

When illness caused a father to fall behind on bills, a care coordinator for the United Way 211 Helpline offered assistance.
February 15, 2023
Pete is grateful for 211's Care Coordinators (BW)
Pete is grateful for help he received from a United Way care coordinator.
(John Johnston / United Way of Greater Cincinnati, 2023)

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, Ohio (Feb.15, 2023) – Pete who is 61, has been raising his two children – a son, age 12, and a daughter, age 11 – since their mother's death in late 2020.

He supported his family by doing construction work. But when a serious illness forced the Lincoln Heights resident to stop working temporarily, it was difficult for Pete to keep up with rent and utility bills. Before long, his landlord began talking about eviction.

"It was stressful," Pete said, "because other people depended on me to keep a roof over our heads."

Pete had seen public-service messages that emergency rental and utility assistance was available and that United Way could help people with applications. He called 211 – the United Way Helpline – and connected with a care coordinator.

Over a period of several months, the care coordinator served as a liaison between Pete's landlord and the agency processing the relief application. The care coordinator worked to ensure all necessary paperwork was completed. "He kept me updated on what was going on," Pete said. "He made the process a lot easier."

In summer 2022, Pete received word that his past-due bills had been paid. He summed up how he felt in one word: "Relief."

Now that his health has improved, Pete is working again, but in a different field.

As he looks to brighter days ahead, Pete has some words for United Way's care coordination team: "Keep up the good work. And thank you."


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