Image of a father showing his son how to trace objects.
Image of a father showing his son how to trace objects.

Moira's Message: Update on Four Fundamental Strategies of UWGC

During this past history-making year, we have focused on four fundamental strategies. This is what they are and how far we've come.
July 27, 2021

July 27, 2021 —

Dear friends,

My first day at United Way of Greater Cincinnati coincided exactly with the beginning of the pandemic. I was already well acquainted with the incredibly difficult challenges families in our community face, and I knew those who would be most devastated by the emerging crisis would be those who could least afford it. I understood gaps would grow, disparities would worsen and swift intervention would be required to ensure future generations do not continue to bear the heavy burden of this time.

So, we went to work. During the past year we have focused on four fundamental strategies:

  • Stabilizing and supporting our nonprofit system of care
  • Supporting families through direct relief efforts
  • Empowering families to get help where they live, work and worship
  • Innovate programs and systems to respond to a rapidly changing world

And, we are committed to measurement and continuous improvement. Here is a snapshot of our progress:

MoirasMessage_Stats_07262021-01.png   MoirasMessage_Stats_07262021-02.png

In the coming weeks, I will delve more deeply into our work in each of these areas. You’ll receive a weekly email communicating our progress, challenges, opportunities – and especially expressing thanks for your partnership in this critical work.


Moira Weir

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