Lend Your Time And Talent

We help our corporate partners foster teamwork while giving back to the community through group volunteer projects.

Volunteer projects can be customized to match your employees interests with the need in our community. We can even bring the volunteer project to you with on-site opportunities.

2020 Corp. Hero Email Header

When companies and volunteers unite, we change lives. Participate in this recognition opportunity, and to say thanks, we will honor the top four performing companies with our Corporate Hero Award in the fall of 2020.

These awards will honor the company with the highest per-capita volunteer hour points accumulated in each of the following size categories: 750+ Employees, 250-749 Employees, 100-249 Employees, or 10-99 Employees

Share your form with employees so they can enter activities, then submit completed form by September 14.


  • Earn five points for each hour volunteered with United Way.
  • Earn two points for each hour volunteered with a United Way agency partner.
  • Non-United Way affiliated volunteer hours earn one point.
  • Share this flyer to spread the word.
  • Find new ways to volunteer and earn points at CincyHelps.org.

Featured Opportunity 

United Way United4Neighbors: Notes of Encouragement
We have partnered with over 17 diverse community organizations to provide 15,000 notes of encouragement to local seniors. Set a goal, write your notes, and mail or deliver them to United Way. We estimate notes will take 6 minutes each, so you'll receive 5 points for every 10 notes completed. Learn more


For more information, please contact Taleen Cassidy at 513-762-7186 or taleen.cassidy@uwgc.org. You can also view volunteer opportunities on CincyHelps.org.