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Advocacy & Public Policy

We advocate for public policies at the federal, state and local levels to develop efficient service delivery systems throughout our region.

The united way difference

Just as donating to and volunteering for the United Way are critical parts building a stronger community, advocating for our organization and our work is important, too. Part of our work IS to advocate. And we need your voice!

That is what makes United Way different.

Take someone facing eviction: it is important to help that person find a stable housing situation today. But United Way goes beyond that. We strive to ensure a system of support so that person doesn’t face eviction ever again.

We advocate for public policies at the federal, state and local levels to develop quality social systems and equitable access to services for all families throughout our region. We want positive, systemic change for those we serve.

We can help people through a crisis, but we want to create systems of support so they avoid future crises. We work with our partners across government, corporate and community organizations to make public policies and systems better, especially for families on shaking financial ground.

Through advocacy, we can achieve more than any one of us can achieve alone. That's what it means to #LIVEUNITED.

How you can help

Advocating for us and our work—that’s important. Advocating for the people we serve—even more important.

In addition to encouraging your family and friends to support United Way and its impact in our community, you can join us in our regular advocacy efforts. Drop an email to a local government leader. Call a state or federal politician. Retweet our tweets. Share our Facebook postsSubscribe to our emails where we highlight issues that are important. 

Our elected leaders need to know how our work gives children the right start, supports workforce development and helps individuals and families become financially self-sufficient. We ask you to lend your voice to our advocacy.

There is much to be done. We hope you'll join us.


Moira Weir
President/CEO, United Way of Greater Cincinnati

For more information

For more information on our Advocacy and Public Policy work, email us at advocacy@uwgc.org or call us at 513-762-7220.

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