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June 18, 2019

Success By 6 Leads Preschool Improvement Effort with Local Educators


"Ready to Shine" — a professional development and preschool improvement project — initiated by United Way Success By 6®, with support from Western & Southern, Beunger Foundation and Pfau Foundation, demonstrated that when teachers’ skills in intentional instruction increase, students are more likely to learn and enjoy their learning environment. Nearly 100 family members gathered at the newly renovated Cincinnati Museum Center to celebrate six parochial schools’ preschool students’ achievements. As an initiative of United Way, Success By 6® is also supported when individuals give. 

Families were invited to participate in the program evaluation which allows INNOVATIONS in Community Research and Program Evaluation Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to be our research partners who analyze the results of students’ preschool experience in connection with their kindergarten experience, whether they continued in parochial school or if they went on to attend Cincinnati Public Schools.   

 SB6 CERKL Pic 2

Aubrey Culp, PhD, project manager with INNOVATIONS, shared the primary pre and post-trends for the project with families. Each year INNOVATIONS staff administered the Bracken School Readiness Composite in the fall and spring.  Over three years, there is an increase in average scaled score at pre-test each year indicating that students were entering preschool in subsequent years with higher levels of school readiness than those of the prior year. This alludes to the impact of students who were enrolled in Ready to Shine preschools for 2 years (i.e., dosage).    

Families were able to enjoy the new renovated museums, including the science museum where families could explore levers, steam, aerodynamics, and connect to both prehistoric and endangered species populations.  Success By 6® partners with school districts across Hamilton County to achieve district kindergarten readiness goals, including using program evaluation to design summer transition programs, increase quality preschool in the community, and organize basic supports for families where they live.