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Each year hundreds of companies across our region come together to work toward a stronger, more resilient community by hosting a United Way fundraising campaign for their workforces. Thanks to the generous business leaders and dedicated volunteers, employees experience stories, videos, impact activities, and volunteer projects demonstrating why giving to United Way is the best way to build economic well-being for families.

The United Way workforce campaign unites you and your coworkers and allows them to donate, volunteer, and speak out for causes that matter to them. You can see the results in your own backyard, even as part of a larger mission to affect change worldwide. The annual workforce campaign is about more than raising money for worthy causes—it also strengthens connections between employees and their community.

Sample Materials from our 2021 Campaign

To help guarantee your campaign's success, United Way of Greater Cincinnati provides you with a variety of materials, including: impact stories, pledge cards, interactive experiences, videos and more.

Here are examples of a few materials we make available to you:


Johanna Navarro, Director of Engagement & Strategy


Director, Engagement & Strategy

513-762-7100 | johanna.navarro@uwgc.org

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