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February 09, 2021

Celebrating United Way's 211: A Gateway to Help [Infographic]

Dear United Way friends,

"A place to turn when you don’t know where to turn."

That’s how our manager of United Way 211 describes the 24-hour helpline. It is an accurate description. Throughout the United States and Canada, United Ways help keep hope alive through a three-digit phone call.

Last year, the United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s 211 line received more than 40,000 calls. Unemployed people who couldn’t pay their rent or utility bills. Recently-employed people who suddenly needed transportation to their new job. Senior citizens with health care needs. Desperate people with mental health concerns.

For human services needs, United Way 211 is a gateway to help. Our certified information and referral specialists are trained to listen, engage, ask questions, assess a caller’s needs and connect them to a community resource from our large database of local providers.

Over the past 12 months, United Way 211 has helped numerous people find pandemic help of all types, including connecting them to our CARES Coordination program and assisting them with vaccine information. For many, we’ve been a friendly voice in a time of great need. I am proud of our flexibility to quickly pivot and provide a valuable service when our community needed us most.

Thursday, Feb. 11 – 2/11 -- is National 211 Day. We celebrate that, when you don’t know where to turn, help is only a three-digit call away.

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Moira Weir


211 2020 By the Numbers


Download the infographic as a PDF.