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January 11, 2021

January is National Mentoring Month


Dear friends,

Do you know someone interested in being a mentor to a foster youth?

January is National Mentoring Month and United Way of Greater Cincinnati is intensifying efforts to recruit mentors for the Higher Education Mentoring Initiative, hoping to recruit 40 new mentors this year.

We work with Hamilton County Job and Family Services to ensure foster children have someone to guide and support them in achieving education goals. Approximately 100 youth age out of the Hamilton County foster system each year -- often facing life on their own without a strong education foundation. These young people are worried about survival; they often have never talked to anyone about college, the military or trade school.

Since its 2007 inception, HEMI has helped hundreds of foster youth, with the following results:

  • 88% of HEMI youth have a high school degree, compared to 72% of emancipated foster youth.
  • 47% of HEMI youth have a college degree of some college compared to 31% of other emancipated youth.
  • 71% of HEMI youth are employed, compared to 47% of other emancipated youth and even 66% of young people who were not in foster care.
  • HEMI youth earn $12.83 an hour, which is more than the $8.91 other emancipated youth earn, as well as the $11.96 earned by youth who were not in foster care.

Learn more about the program, the young people you will help and how to apply to be a mentor.