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December 22, 2020

Another Milestone Reached

Holiday Cards 

Dear United Way friend,

This year’s holiday season won’t be the same for most people. For our seniors who are most at risk during this pandemic, it could be especially isolating and challenging.

That’s why I was so happy we hit a milestone last week: 15,000 Notes of Encouragement to lift up our isolated older adults in this difficult year. While most of those notes were delivered over the past few months, many will soon make it into the hands of someone who really needs a pick-me-up during the holidays.

We need kindness more than ever this year. We need shoulders to lean on, people to laugh with, reasons to smile. We need brotherhood and friendship and community.

You answered the call. Notes of Encouragement began in June with a goal of 15,000 notes to the 20 percent of our community age 60 or older who had their lives turned upside down by COVID-19. You made sure many of those older adults heard an encouraging word in their time of despair. 

Even though we hit the goal, we will keep going. As long as the pandemic rages, we will answer.


Seniors throughout our community – whether alone because of life circumstances or COVID-19 – will receive an uplifting note over the next few days. That makes me smile. 

Happy Holidays everyone.  

Moira Weir