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September 04, 2020

Support for the Eviction Crisis

Dear United Way friends,

Our organization traditionally works to ensure Greater Cincinnati residents can meet their basic needs, are financially stable and can access quality education and services enabling sound physical and mental health. 

We had a big win for all those areas last week! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a nationwide halt to evictions for those who lost work during the pandemic. This temporary halt lasts through the end of the year and applies to those earning less than $99,000 (or double that if filing a joint tax return).

We worked toward this goal through our advocacy work with United Way Worldwide. We know a wave of evictions is happening now, with more to come. Millions lost jobs – temporarily or permanently – and they need help paying rent to avoid homelessness. 

Losing a home affects all four of our cornerstone impact areas:impact-circle

  • Basic needs: the loss of income means a person cannot meet their basic need of shelter
  • Financial stability: someone facing eviction is in financial shambles
  • Quality education: children who are evicted from their home may be displaced from their school, too
  • Health: stress of eviction threatens physical and mental health 

moira-211-hIn addition to the advocacy work, we connected with the Family Independence Initiative to distribute $225,000 in rental assistance to our community and our 211 team is connecting callers to three non-profit agencies that have $3.5 million in CARES Act money dedicated to the eviction crisis. 

This is an example of why a dollar given to United Way goes farther. We can convene resources – social service agencies, businesses, governments, churches, grassroots organizations, donors – to solve systemic problems, producing results greater than any one entity. We can unite those resources to advocate at high levels for government policies that make a difference in your daily life.

For holistic change, for systemic change, for a constant coordinated attack against our community’s deepest-rooted problems, we feel United Way is the way


PS: We’re holding a contest to interpret what United Way means to you and your community, with the opportunity to appear at next year’s Cincinnati Music Fest! Check it out here.


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