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August 06, 2020

Moira's Message: Keep Child Care Centers Open

Public Policy

United Way friends,

Over the past 20 years, United Way of Greater Cincinnati has invested more than $125 million in early childhood education.

That investment is at risk because of this pandemic. Many child care operators are closing their doors while others barely hang on with lower enrollment rates, less revenue and increased expenses.

We urge our U.S. Senators and Representatives to allocate $50 billion to stabilize child care for working families. This should be a top priority -- the success of our nation returning to work and reviving our economy is wholly dependent on one industry – child care.

There is bipartisan support for child care. The House of Representatives passed a bill allocating $50 billion to keep child care centers open for working families. The Senate bill proposes $15 billion. We have agreement – just not on the amount.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati supports a minimum $50 billion investment. Without a healthy, safe child care industry, parents will be unable to return to work, threatening their financial stability, the business success of their employer and the economic recovery our nation desperately needs.

If the federal government provides less than $50 billion to the country, up to 50% of the child care centers in our region would close, leaving thousands of children and working parents without care.

Final negotiations are underway in Washington today and Friday. Please select your state below to contact your Senators and Representatives:

Moira Weir