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February 28, 2020

United Way of Greater Cincinnati Encourages You to Vote Yes on Issue 7

On March 17, 2020, Hamilton County voters are encouraged to vote “Yes” for much-needed improvements to our roads and bus system. By supporting this issue with your vote, you demonstrate your desire to live and work in a region that’s moving forward.  

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Transportation is one key to our region’s future success. Funded by a .8 percent sales tax, the initiative will reinvest $130 million per year into improving our transportation system and enhancing economic opportunities in our region.  Some ways our overall community will be positively impacted include reduced poverty, population growth, talent attraction and improved public health.  

Access to reliable and affordable transportation can improve the social mobility of community members experiencing poverty or financial instability. There's a strong correlation between zip codes and proximity to employment, health services, quality education for children and healthy food sources. This legislation removes barriers, paving the way for people in our community to have greater mobility and increased opportunity. 

As recently as 2019, the Cincinnati community expressed its desire to improve the system. In November 2019, 77 percent of Hamilton County voters voted for Issue 22, which was the first step towards revamping our transportation infrastructure. On March 17, we can vote to finish the job. 

A “Yes” on 7 will specifically provide: 

  • More Bus Routes – 8 new routes, crosstown routes, and Bus Rapid Transit corridors. 

  • More Frequent Buses – 26 routes with more frequency and service every 20 minutes or better on major routes. 

  • Longer Service Hours – 6 routes with 24-hour service and more weekend service. 

  • Major infrastructure improvements – including $1.1 billion in road and infrastructure projects overlapping transit routes.  

  • Much needed bridge repair – including the Western Hills Viaduct and more than 30 outdated bridges across the county. 

  • Shorter, safer commutes – with repaired roads and 343,326 jobs accessible via 24-hour bus service. 

We have an opportunity to reinvest in our transportation system on March 17.  If you’re excited about a future with economic opportunities for all people in our region, we urge you to vote “yes” on Issue 7. 

To show your support, we encourage you to displaying a sign in your yard or volunteer. Learn more about how you can get involved: