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November 19, 2019

3rd annual P&G Give Back Days

 P&G Volunteers

3rd annual P&G Give Back Days showcase employee talent and commitment to strengthening our community through volunteerism

For the 3rd year in a row, P&G employees donated their time, talents and energy to our community in partnership with United Way. P&G Give Back Days are an incredible resource available to P&G staff that provide opportunities to serve the community in a meaningful way.

Each year, P&G and United Way work together to determine the focus area that will drive the engagement opportunities that will be offered through the Give Back Day program. This year, in addition to building on the momentum of supporting efforts related to workforce development, gainful employment, meeting basic needs, and early exposure to career options for children, an intentional focus was to continue to tap into the talents and skills of P&G employees. Many families in our region have a strong desire to provide for themselves but need guidance and access to resources that give access to employment opportunities. Children need opportunities to learn about options for their futures that encourage them to dream big. Families experiencing poverty face many stressors as they work towards self-sufficiency, like meeting basic and immediate needs.

P&G Give Back Days bridge the gap where volunteers can share their knowledge and experience while engaging with individuals and families in our community. The results were incredible – 1,600 volunteers helped us curate 55 events with 20 organizations, donating 3,400 hours to our community over the course of one month!

Like a Girl
Global & NA Feminine Care team's annual Like a Girl event

This year’s effort started in early September with P&G volunteers from the Global & NA Feminine Care team hosting their 3rd annual Like a Girl event in conjunction with Cincinnati Public Schools' Girls to Women Student Leadership program. Additionally, volunteers desired to expand the opportunity to surrounding school districts. This led to the inclusion of Princeton City School students, a new partner in 2019. The various offerings included a Science Fair with demos on how products are made, a Career Fair with discussions on different functions of the group like marketing and sales and concluded with a dance party to encourage the students to have confidence in themselves, and of course, to have fun!

STEM learning activities

Product Supply/Skin and Personal Care hands-on STEM activities

The focus on showcasing P&G skills and talents continued with the Product Supply/Skin and Personal Care Team, led by Alex Lopez. Alex and his team set out to create an immersive, small group experience for 15 10th Grade Cincinnati Public School students. Their vision included components where students would not only learn about some of the P&G brands, but also have hands-on activities with products and a one-on-one coaching session between students and employees to talk more about future career pathways. The passion and excitement from Alex and his team was evident on the day of the event and translated into an uplifting and truly impactful experience for both volunteers and participating students.


P&G at Mt. Airy
STEM activities with students from Mt. Airy Elementary School

Not only did P&G welcome students into their facilities throughout the program, they also went out into the community to share their expertise with 5th grade students at Mt. Airy Elementary School. Two groups brought hands-on STEM learning activities, engaging students in the creation, design and marketing process for dish soap. Students were able to make decisions about the color, fragrance, and label design. They event got to take their personalized dish soap home at the conclusion of the events!


P&G snack packsCorporate Function-Finance & Accounting building Healthy Snack Packs

Creating skill-based volunteer opportunities can be a somewhat daunting task, often requiring a time commitment above and beyond planning what many consider to be standard volunteer efforts. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. The Corporate Function-Finance & Accounting team knew they wanted to take the next step in customizing their efforts and came up with a creative solution to do so. They decided to participate in one of United Way’s signature In-House volunteer events, building Healthy Snack Packs for kids. This opportunity is available year-round to any group that is interested. However, the team put their own creative spin on the concept to make it truly unique. Not only did they include encouraging messages geared towards making math fun and approachable for young children, but also education pieces about healthy eating through their internal Vibrant Living efforts. Their group’s enthusiasm was contagious, and they far exceeded their initial goals by producing over 1,000 Healthy Snack Packs for local children experiencing food insecurity.

United Way is truly grateful for the partnership we have with P&G and the opportunities that Give Back Days provide for authentic engagement in our community. This is one way to get involved and help make sure everyone has an opportunity to thrive. If you’d like more information about how your company can get involved with Volunteer and Community Engagement, please contact Laura Wellerding at


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