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October 31, 2019

Advocate | Please Vote Next Tuesday, November 5


United Way endorses Issues 20, 21, and 22.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati monitors and engages in public policy issues that improve opportunities for financial stability, especially for people living in poverty.

We advocate for the effective delivery of human services that improve the lives of people in need in our region.  Don’t forget to vote in this election! 

The United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s board of directors endorsed and supports these three upcoming ballot measures in Hamilton County.


A renewal levy to continue to fund treatment for individuals in the criminal justice system who need help dealing with alcohol or drug use. 

Nearly 99% of the levy funds provide programs to individuals who present a low security risk and voluntarily seek help to overcome multi-faceted issues such as substance abuse or mental health disorders.  These challenges create barriers to education, employment, housing, transportation, and covering basic needs.

The levy funds prevention, treatment, and reentry services which promote safer communities, a better life for former abusers and their families, and a larger, more productive workforce for local employers.

ISSUE 20 is a simple renewal, costing residents no additional tax dollars.

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A renewal levy to continue to fund Developmental Disabilities Services to over 7,800 infants, children and adults with developmental disabilities each year. 

Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services (HCDDS) provides case management, infant therapy, family support, housing support, assistance with benefits applications, assistance to families caring with those with developmental disabilities, schools to educate children with significant disabilities, “satellite” classrooms and assistance for children who attend traditional schools.  HCDDS also partners with other agencies to provide services like vocational training.

ISSUE 21 is a simple renewal, costing residents no additional tax dollars.

The state, federal, and local school district funding has decreased significantly over time, raising the share of expenses paid with levy funds.  In the forecasted 2020-24 budget, over 83% of funding will be from the levy.  Yet, these services are needed and often mandated. If not paid by the levy, they would come from the county’s general fund, limiting the county’s current funding. 

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ISSUE 22 is the first step toward new funding for transportation infrastructure and bus service, essential services for people seeking financial stability to get to work, school or other appointments.  

The current funding process is insufficient for Metro to provide needed service or upgrades. The end goal is to implement the Reinventing Metro Plan, which calls for an increase in the frequency of bus services and more routes, crosstown and further extended into the county, making 20,000 more jobs accessible by Metro, and to improve the infrastructure throughout the county for any road or bridge where buses travel.  

This is a two-part process designed to transform the funding structure for Metro. 

  1. November 5, 2019 – City of Cincinnati Charter amendment - Issue 22: Repeal .3% of city earnings tax, contingent on the March county sales tax levy passing
  2. March 17, 2020 – Hamilton County Transit Levy: increase 0.8% county sales tax, expected to generate $30M per year for roads and bridges and $100M per year for bus services.

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Check out the nonpartisan Vote411 website for more information about this election.