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March 06, 2019

United Way Designates Board Leadership Programs to Local Non Profits

 BOLD Class


At United Way, we believe strongly in connecting solid leaders to opportunities to serve on boards of directors of our local non-profit organizations. For many years, United Way offered this opportunity through BOLD — Board Orientation & Leadership Development. A more recent initiative, BoardBank was launched by United Way and a number of community partners in late 2017. 

To help take BOLD and BoardBank to the next level, United Way has joined forces with the Leadership Council for Nonprofits and Cincinnati Cares in a strategic partnership to ensure the continuity, growth and continuous improvement of both programs. 

The Leadership Council will lead the execution of the BOLD program, while CincinnatiCares has redesigned and is relaunching BoardBank. United Way will continue to offer the BOLD and BoardBank programs to its corporate partners as an engagement opportunity for their employees.  

This new partnership will ensure that the entire Greater Cincinnati community continues to benefit from the experiences of the BOLD graduates and BoardBank participants.  

The mission of Leadership Council is to maximize the impact of non-profit organizations, develop their leaders and strengthen the community. Their vision is to help inspired leaders champion the dreams of those they collectively and collaboratively serve in a thriving community. This aligns perfectly with the BOLD program and the intention of training a diverse group of volunteers to become qualified nonprofit board members so that they may serve organizations that need their services.   

Cincinnati Cares’ mission is to inspire and empower people and organizations to engage in volunteering that improves and strengthens their community, and themselves. The platform already is connecting thousands of volunteers in the region, and now, with a rebuilt BoardBank, will begin helping to connect volunteer board leaders to our community’s needs. 

Leaders of all three organizations are delighted to enter into this partnership.  

Said Jenny Berg, Leadership Council CEO

“We are grateful to United Way for developing a steady stream of diverse, prepared, knowledgeable, engaged BOLD graduates for over 30 years. We look forward to building on this strong foundation to strengthen our community through bold, strong nonprofit board training and experiences." 

Said Ross Meyer, interim CEO, United Way of Greater Cincinnati

“United Way and the Leadership Council have a long-standing partnership working together to support our nonprofit community, and we’re pleased to enter into a new working relationship with Cincinnati Cares. We are excited that these this new collaborations will take BOLD and BoardBank to the next levels by helping even more professionals connect with opportunities to serve our community through board leadership.”  

Said Craig Young, founder, Cincinnati Cares

“We’re energized by the demand in our community for more ways to connect volunteers to the vast number of needs, and we look forward to working with United Way and all of the BoardBank partners on delivering results.” 

The new program manager for BOLD is Jack Fitzgerald, and he can be reached at


You can find more information about BoardBank by visiting

 Cincinnati Cares or you can contact Doug Bolton at or 513-436-4686 ext. 700.