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February 11, 2019

Innovation in the Workforce

E News Dustin 

Partners for a Competitive Workforce, one of United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s key initiatives, recently began implementation of an innovative approach to making higher wage jobs accessible to more workers in our community. Career Bridge is currently in the pilot stage, with initial participation from businesses including Chick-fil-A and VEGA Americas.  

The goal of the program is to create more opportunities for low wage workers in industries such as (but not limited to) fast food and retail, and use the skills they’ve gained in those industries to help transfer to a higher wage job such as manufacturing.

Career Bridge Antoine  

During the process of transition, employees are coached by our partners at Brighton Center in the areas of interview prep, attire, and transportation assistance. The Career Bridge program seeks to provide services that will wrap around the employee and help eliminate any potential barriers. 

Partners for a Competitive Workforce is currently seeking more participating employers to help take this program to the next level. If your company is interested, please contact Debby Combs at

See and learn more about the transformational approach of Career Bridge here: