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February 11, 2019

A Wish Come True


Bryce Foster is a 23 year old mother in our community who, up until last year, was working a job in retail and caring for her daughter, Kaysen. The family’s dynamic changed drastically when Kaysen was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that led to significant health challenges, including developmental delays and seizures. This diagnosis led to Bryce having to leave her job in retail, and ultimately reducing the amount of income she was able to earn.  

In the midst of this life change, Bryce began to encounter obstacle after obstacle with transporting Kaysen to and from her medical appointments, in addition to moving from her own apartment to a family member’s home. Bryce’s story was submitted to United Way through our Wish List program, which we’ve run for over 30 years in partnership with the Cincinnati Enquirer.  The Enquirer publishes stories about a select group of applicants that we’ve received, and community members who want to donate funds to a “wish” are directed to the UWGC website.  

In this particular case, we had a local father and daughter who wanted to donate a vehicle from their family to Bryce. Under usual circumstances, UWGC does not facilitate in-kind donations due to capacity. Many of our funded agencies are able to coordinate such donations; in this case, however, if UWGC did not step in to facilitate the donation, it simply wouldn’t happen.

Emily Maschmeyer Car

Emily Maschmeyer

The great news and outcome of this story is that we, at United Way, were able to help Bryce receive a vehicle donation (and title transfer) from Emily Maschmeyer and her dad, Mike. This is truly an example of how we unite communities to change lives. Bryce is now able to transport herself and her daughter to work, school, and medical appointments. And, in her own words, she is so thankful!  

Bryce Foster Car