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November 30, 2018

2nd Annual P&G Give Back Days Provide Important Opportunity for Community Engagement

For the 2nd year in a row, P&G employees donated their time and energy to our community in a number of ways in partnership with United Way. P&G Give Back Days are an incredible resource available to P&G staff that provide opportunities to serve the community in a meaningful way. 

A significant step in breaking the cycle of poverty is to ensure that adults are gainfully employed, and children have early exposure to career options that encourage them to dream big for their futures. This year's focus on workforce development services helped emphasize the need for families to get on the path to self-sufficiency. Many families in our region have a strong desire to provide for themselves but need guidance and access to resources that help provide employment opportunities. P&G Give Back Days bridge the gap where volunteers are needed to educate and engage. The results were incredible – 1,839 volunteers helped us curate 67 events with 26 organizations, donating 3,600 hours to our community over the course of one month! 

P&G Give Back Days 2 

This year’s effort started in early September, with P&G volunteers from the NA SMO and Global Sales division working closely with Cincinnati Public Schools to develop a skills-based event in conjunction with the annual CPS Peer Leadership Conference.   Volunteers provided an interactive experience for students, teaching them the basics of the technique and how to apply it to everyday situations.  The culminating activity included helping students create their own social campaign based off issues they are seeing in their schools, using the technique to gain buy-in from influencers and their peers.  The goal was to share a skill with students they could take back with them to create real change within their own environments. 

P&G Giveback Days 1

Additionally, P&G volunteers from the Global & NA Feminine Care team hosted their 2nd annual Like a Girl event in conjunction with Cincinnati Public Schools' Girls to Women Student Leadership program.  The various offerings included a Science Fair with demos on how  products are made, a Career Fair with discussions on different functions of the group like marketing and sales, and an improvisation skills session.  

Beautification projects such as the improvements made to the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter will not only make a profound impact on the people who are served – but it left an unforgettable impression on P&G employee and volunteer lead for this event, Valerie Boehne, who recently left a domestic violence situation. Valerie was fortunate to have help from her family to welcome her and her 4 children. The experience she gained at the YWCA shelter, however, helped her gain perspective as to what it would be like if she had no other place to go. “Touring the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter was truly eye opening and heart wrenching. It made me realize just how thankful I was to have a strong support system and even more thankful for facilities such as this, for those that don’t,” said Valerie. She was able to pay it forward by volunteering with her P&G colleagues to work on 4 specific areas at the shelter, including a rose garden, bedroom décor, artwork for the facility’s hallway, and inspirational enhancements in the family room.   

P&G Give Back Days 6

In Lower Price Hill, P&G volunteers spent the day working with United Way agency partner Santa Maria Community Services to set up and host a community cook-out with food, music, and family activities. And last but certainly not least, 2nd grade students at Mt. Airy School were provided a hands-on, engaging activity where P&G volunteers helped them understand decisions that go into making and marketing items like Dawn soap. The students were then given the opportunity to make soap of their own.  What an enlightening experience!

“This was our second year of increased emphasis on volunteering through our Give Back Days and it blew away our very high expectations. We set out to make a transformational impact on our community by focusing our volunteer efforts on a few critical opportunities. The impact that we have made together with our United Way leaders and agencies is so heartwarming.  We focused this year as much on sharing our “intellectual capacity” as well as the great improvements provided by good old-fashioned sweat equity. This was year 2 of a powerful journey that will grow in impact every year,” said Tom MacVittie, Director, Global Innovation and Skin and Personal Care, P&G.  

P&G Give Back Days 4

United Way is truly grateful for the partnership we have with P&G and the opportunities that Give Back Days provide for authentic engagement in our community. This is one way to get involved and help make sure everyone has an opportunity to thrive. If you’d like more information about how your company can get involved with Community Engagement, please contact Laura Wellerding at