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August 29, 2018

Uniting Communities. Changing Lives.

United Way of Greater Cincinnati kicked off its annual community campaign this year by taking it into each of the communities we serve. From August 16 - 25, United Way, along with new president and CEO Michael Johnson, launched Community United, a 10-stop tour aimed at raising awareness of poverty's impact on our region. 

From Dry Ridge, Kentucky, to Rising Sun, Indiana, to Middletown, Ohio and everywhere in between, Johnson and United Way staff and supporters met with community members in local coffee shops and breweries across 10 counties to learn how to best partner with each community to achieve our No. 1 goal: To reduce poverty in our region. 

"I had so much fun meeting new people and learning about each of the communities across our 10-county region," said Johnson. "I hope you're excited about the future and passionate about building on the legacy of this fine organization. If you're with us -- let's roll. Let's change lives, let's make a difference and let's show up for each other."


what people are saying

  • "I was thrilled to spend some time getting to know Michael. He is the perfect person to lead our United Way. He is engaging, understands our regional challenges, and genuinely cares about making the Greater Cincinnati region a better place. He's the real deal, and we look forward to working with him as a community united!" - Brent Cooper, president & CEO, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce


  • "Michael is getting it kicked off in an exciting way. He shared his story and compelled the group to stay involved. He is a product of the good work United Way does every day." Warren Walker, Duke Energy
  • “United Way of Greater Cincinnati ultimately serves the people and families throughout our community, and that is what made the recent Community United tour so exciting and intriguing to me and my family. We wanted to do our best to show support for the effort to humanize the work and impact of United Way. Michael Johnson had the opportunity to shake the hands of whomever showed up and to spend time getting to know those in attendance. You could feel he had one goal and one goal only, getting to know those in attendance and making sure he heard their questions and perspectives. This shows the values that are lived out by United Way and is a visual picture of what #LiveUnited means for all of us. Thank you for showing up in this authentic and transparent way. Here’s to this being just the beginning of sitting across from others, listening and showing how much our community cares for all people succeeding." - Mike Sipple Jr., president, Centennial

  • “Choosing to visit the City of Lawrenceburg, Indiana is a solid indicator of Michael Johnson’s commitment to the entire Greater Cincinnati region. Hearing his story not only reminded us of the value United Way has in our community, but also inspires us to continue to work hard to support services, advocate, and volunteer.  As Mayor, I welcome Mr. Johnson and look forward to seeing our community benefit from his unique vision coupled with the partnership our City has developed with United Way of Greater Cincinnati.” - Kelly Mollaun, Mayor, City of Lawrenceburg, Indiana


  • "I used the word refreshing and I really mean that – this is truly refreshing. These things are not happening here in the city. We used to see the chief of police but now we don’t see him. But what I’m saying is to see a leader come in to the city of Cincinnati within his first 45 days, and begin to engage the community, and want to know about what’s really happening, and to get a sense and idea of what the needs are here in the community, it’s absolutely beautiful. Honestly, I have not been an active participant with United Way in any way, but having this experience today is leading me to wanting to become more involved and more aware." - Kathy Forte, Hamilton County resident
  • “As an employee of the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati for over 25 years, I have always been a supporter of United Way and lucky see the outcome of their work first hand with our YMCA kids and families. I truly appreciated the community united tour.  Although there are common needs that span our tri-state area, each community has unique needs and the tour setting was a great opportunity for community leaders to share. Having the opportunity to meet and converse with Michael Johnson in such an informal and intimate setting was also a great concept.  He was able to share not only the United Way mission and goals but his own strategy for the future of our kids, families and communities. Great job!” – Sheila Hinton, executive director, YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, Clermont YMCA