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May 25, 2018

The Collective Power of Women United

For the last 10 years, United Way’s Women Investing in the Next Generation (WINGs) has been a powerful force helping unite communities to change lives here in Greater Cincinnati. As United Way Leaders in Giving, WINGs propels forward early childhood education and development through advocacy and volunteerism.

On May 10, WINGs officially transitioned to a new identity – Women United! Women United was initially launched globally by United Way Worldwide last October at the Women United Summit right here in Cincinnati.

“We are the collective power of 900 women contributing over $3 million annually. We are volunteers, advocates and mentors for the work of United Way, focused on early childhood education,” said Kim Chiodi, senior vice president, public relations and corporate communications, Western & Southern Financial Group. Kim also serves on United Way's Board of Directors and is a member of Women United.


Locally, Women United also support their peers by creating intentional connections through professional development. The May 10 Women United announcement occurred during a professional development event “Strategies for Success” where Women United explored the roles women play as leaders, common challenges they may face in the workplace, and strategies for tuning those situations into successful outcomes.

During the event, Women United Steering Committee Chair Katie Bezold took the time to talk about the importance of the work of Women United to help children in our region thrive.


“Let me start by saying I personally benefitted from United Way many years ago,” said Bezold. “I love being part of Women United because we’re giving back to the community, but we’re focusing on those who aren’t afforded the opportunities that we were – children, our future leaders – and making sure they receive the most opportunity they can if they can’t get it from their family at home.”

Despite the transition from WINGs, Women United will continue to focus on early childhood education and development, and they will continue to partner with the Cincinnati Preschool Promise for hands-on and skilled based volunteer opportunities.

“Although I was an adult when I was impacted by United Way, I am very attracted to working with the children, and that’s how I got associated with Women United,” said Bezold. “Not only are you giving back financially, but also with your time, and you’re having a lot of fun while you’re doing it.”