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April 18, 2018

Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Can a child's future be determined by age 6? 

United Way Success By 6 ® has a single community imperative: Kindergarten readiness is the most important priority for individual and collective school success and the community's long-term economic health. And a simple vision: By age 6, all children are optimally safe, healthy and prepared to succeed. 

A child's first years are the most important for brain development, as neurons either connect or don't, and a lifelong capacity to learn is credited. The bottom line? There's never a better time to invest in learning than the early years. 


a kindergarten ready child

These indicators represent the hopes and aspirations for children as they enter kindergarten. These are not guidelines. Children develop at different rates; not every child will have all the skills mastered at school entry.

Language and literacy

  • Listens to stories read to him or her
  • Recognizes some letters
  • Is learning to write own name
  • Recognizes and says simple rhymes

Cognition and general knowledge

  • Shows understanding of simple time concepts and general times of day
  • Is learning to count and play number games
  • Is learning to sort and classify objects by color, shape and size
  • States solutions to simple problems

social and emotional preparation

  • Follows simple rules and routines
  • Is able to be away from parents/family without being upset
  • Expresses own wants or needs
  • Takes turns and shares when playing with other children
  • Has the ability to focus and listen

health and physical development

  • Dresses and meets toileting needs independently
  • Uses pencils, crayons, scissors and paints
  • Runs, skips, jumps, hops, climbs and catches