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March 23, 2018

American Red Cross Leads Local Flood Recovery Effort

In late February, Greater Cincinnati was impacted by severe flooding that ultimately caused the City of Cincinnati to issue an emergency declaration to help speed up flood recovery efforts. As is the case during any disaster, the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the American Red Cross, United Way's campaign partners, went above and beyond to help those in our community affected by flooding. 

To expedite the recovery process, the Red Cross and volunteers operated a call center for residents to contact them if they suffered flood damage. In total, nearly 250 staff and volunteers assisted with flood recovery, including 79 individuals that received additional Red Cross volunteer training because they were inspired to help because of the flooding. 


Throughout the recovery process, the Red Cross ran two bulk distribution sites, distributing 4,659 bulk items (gloves, masks, etc.) and opened four shelters during the flood with a total of 54 registrations and 124 overnight stays. 

To date, the Red Cross provided financial assistance for 288 individuals whose homes were destroyed or suffered major damage. In addition, they provided 2,645 meals and 1,906 snacks, and have handed out 1,307 cleanup kits and 26 comfort kits.