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January 17, 2018

Mentorship Turns Into Lifelong Friendship

“The first time I met Joe….it was life-changing, actually.” 

Tone Everhart met Joe Moorman when he was 9 years old and in the 4th grade. The two men have been friends ever since, and have shared some monumental moments together – including Joe’s recent wedding.

We sat down with Tone to hear more about his experience with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butler County, a United Way of Greater Cincinnati partner agency, and learn why it’s so important to support such vital resources for our community, while creating even more life-changing moments. 

One highlight of our time with Tone was learning about his ability to overcome the fear (with Joe’s help) that existed with his reading disability. Tone was too ashamed to tell anyone that he had dyslexia. When he started reading to Joe, he would stumble over some of the words, but Joe was patient and helpful in his correction. This was a game changer for Tone and his ability to sort through problems.

In 4th grade, Joe began to cultivate a spirit of learning and success into Tone, one that he was unfamiliar with. Tone just wanted to go outside to play with his friends, yet Joe insisted that he finish reading so that he could graduate high school, college, and then ultimately be on the road to success.  


“Huh? I’m only in 4th grade!” Tone said he thought to himself.

However, Tone’s experience at Big Brothers Big Sisters, while doing something that might seem simple like reading a book, opened a door to newfound confidence and inquisitiveness that he didn’t possess before.

What began as just regular meetings with Joe, turned into an invaluable pairing and has helped Tone grow into a successful adult who wants to pay it forward.'


When you support United Way of Greater Cincinnati, you’re helping people like Tone. Watch his story.