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July 29, 2016

Stepping Up to the Plate


Calling all companies! Are you ready to STEP UP your United Way campaign this year with a fun challenge that also boosts your wellness program? United Way and Gen-H have teamed up for the second annual Step Challenge to benefit Greater Cincinnati's new regional health agenda?

Why should your company participate in the Step Challenge? It’s a win-win -- walks with your co-workers mean better health for you, while you are also giving back to your community!

Need more motivation? 

  • IMPROVE your company’s overall health

  • INCREASE your company’s contribution (if you win!)

  • BUILD team camaraderie and wellness

  • ENCOURAGE wellness activity at work

  • ENSURE healthy opportunities for all

  • ACHIEVE goals employees set for each other.   



1. Form/join team(s) (minimum of 15% of total employees per company) by 9/25

2. Your company contributes up to $10,000 to the pot

3. Track and log your team’s steps September 27 through October 26 at Humana Goal

4. The pot is added to winning company’s United Way campaign contribution

Be recognized as a leader in creating a workplace culture of health!

For more information or to get started, please contact Jerome Waller at