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February 05, 2016 - Nathan Garbig

New Year's Resolution - Check-in Time.


Nathan Garbig is United Way of Greater Cincinnati's Scripps Howard Marketing intern. 

We are already a month into 2016, and you may still be indecisive on choosing your perfect resolution for the year. Maybe you’re still going strong and accomplishing your new lifestyle habits, but you want to add another resolution to the list because you are so ambitious.  Or, perhaps you are like the majority of us who have already forgotten about our 2016 goals that we wrote down a month ago.  

Whatever your unique scenario, with the help of United Way, you can revitalize your 2016 resolutions by fostering a lifestyle of volunteering this year.  By committing to one of our New Year’s Resolutions, not only will our team keep you accountable; you will undoubtedly make a life-changing difference in the lives of the Greater Cincinnati community.  Plus, even though it's February, it’s never too late to join our network of volunteers.  Check out United Way’s top three New Year’s Resolutions for you! 


Become a Reader, Tutor, or Mentor 

The power of education is one of the most impactful gifts that you can give a child in the year of 2016.  Kids who are ready for kindergarten are more likely to stay in school and on track to graduate.  And teens who finish high school are more likely to find employment.  The different volunteer options for reading, tutoring and mentoring are varied in time and length, giving you the option to choose your perfect volunteer program.  That means that you can choose to volunteer as a one-time reader at YMCA, serve as a tutor once-a-month, or mentor a child weekly.  

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To begin the process, complete the Reader Tutor Mentor Pledge and choose the volunteer option that best suits your 2016 schedule.  We promise, you will not regret the opportunity to directly influence a child’s educational path in a positive way.


Become a Leader in Your Community 

When you enroll and participate in a Board Orientation & Leadership Development (BOLD) training program, you will acquire the skills of non-profit board leadership.  By joining the board of a non-profit, you can affect the direction of an organization, while improving the lives of the community by delivering programming to Greater Cincinnati.  Additionally, Board Orientation & Leadership Development allows you to network with over 500 BOLD alumni in the area, all of whom have the passion to drive forward the Bold Goals for Our Region.



United Way Volunteer Connection 

Neither of the options listed above fit your philanthropic passions?  That’s okay!  When you visit United Way Volunteer Connection, you'll find hundreds of service opportunities that fulfill your interests, availability, and busy schedule.  

nathan 2Simply enter keywords in the search bar, and you'll get a list of experiences from which you can choose.  From there, you can narrow your search, find nearby locations so you can volunteer close to home, or scroll through the list until an opportunity catches your eye.  And so you’re not just jumping into a program blindly, each volunteer site has a detailed description of the program along with any requirements.  

Volunteering has never been easier.   

Don’t let 2016 be another year of forgotten resolutions and unachieved goals.  We promise: by volunteering with one of our programs, you will help improve lives and create lasting change in our Greater Cincinnati region.  Join now, and pledge to #LiveUnited in 2016.