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August 18, 2015

A Graduate of United Way's BOLD Program

Do you have the skills to help lead a nonprofit organization? United Way’s BOLD (Board Orientation & Leadership Development) trains individuals to become effective board members. The class provides

  • visibility of community issues,
  • first-hand examples of the board experience from local volunteers
  • and an expanded network with other business professionals, community leaders and nonprofit leadership.

BOLD is an excellent opportunity for professional development while being an impactful member of the community. Apply here…  

CraigStimmelNAME: Craig Stimmel

COMPANY: Procter & Gamble

POSITION: Senior Purchasing Manager

BOLD GRADUATE: Spring 2015


Q: Why did you decide to take BOLD?


I am very fortunate that P&G is extremely supportive of getting involved and giving back to the community where you work. After expressing interest, I worked with my management to balance the needs of the class with my workload and was sponsored via our Community Relations Department. My leadership was helpful and encouraging throughout, and I would encourage anyone thinking of taking the class to have the discussion with their management.

Q: How did you balance the time commitment of the classes, and do you have any advice as to how to balance the time commitment of serving on a board?

The class was really what you made of it. Putting effort into making the classes and then educating yourself was a very similar experience to actually joining a board. I would recommend evaluating how much time you have and then making sure you are willing to make the commitments outside of your work and personal life.

Q: Were there any opportunities or activities which particularly stand out in your mind?

The board panels were great at giving perspective on board membership. For my class, we were able to hear from a panel of BOLD alumni talk about how they chose the boards that they are on, and some of the conversations they had with various executive directors of agencies. We also were fortunate to hear from a panel of executive directors discussing what they look for in potential board members. The panels were very helpful and insightful.

Q: After the BOLD program, how were you connected to an opportunity in our community?

The BOLD job fair was a great way to connect with the community. This was a great forum to connect with agencies to see what they were looking for in board members and to connect with existing board members. The board bank was also a great tool, as I was able to easily find agencies that were looking for board members.

Q: Are you currently serving on a board?

Yes, I am on the board for St. Joseph Orphanage.


Learn more about United Way’s BOLD and how to apply for the 2015 fall class. Please contact Anna Coutts at or call 513-762-7235 if you have any questions.