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June 18, 2014

A graduate of United Way's BOLD program shares her experience

United Way's BOLD (Board Orientation & Leadership Development) trains individuals to become effective board members. The class provides visibility of community issues, first-hand examples of the board experience from local volunteers and an expanded network with other business professionals, community leaders and nonprofit leadership. Apply here...

NAME: Lindsay Field
Position: Senior Manager

A Q&A with a Recent Bold Grad...

What made you decide to apply?

I became a board member of a local organization in January 2013.  I did not have any previous board experience and was very new and "green" to serving on a board. I wanted to have a better understanding of my role and responsibilities as a board member. I also saw BOLD as an opportunity to network with other business professionals and leaders in the community.

Why were you interested in BOLD? 

I'm passionate about women's issues and initiatives. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend an all-girl Catholic high school and be surrounded and educated by strong and successful women. Since I was given these opportunities, I feel it is only right to give back to those women who may not be as fortunate. 

The best feeling is knowing that you have helped someone to make a difference or change in their lives that will not only better serve them and their families, but also the overall community. And BOLD gave me a better perspective and visibility of what is going on in the community.

Once you decided you wanted to apply to the BOLD program, how did you begin the process with your employer?

Several folks from our office expressed interest in participating in the BOLD program and BKD, LLP, particularly upper management, was on board from the start. The BKD, LLP Cincinnati office really encourages all employees to become involved in the community, whether through board or committee involvement, attending local events, volunteering with various organizations, etc. 

Were there any activities which stand out from your BOld eXPERIENCE?

The Board Fair was my favorite experience! It was very helpful to network with each representative from various boards and to have the opportunity to network on a personal level and to learn about the organization and possible board, committee or even volunteer needs.

I also appreciated the mock board session. The exercise really showed me how there can be various perspectives and opinions of the members on the board, and somehow the group has to come together as a team to make a decision.

how were you connected to an opportunity in our community after bold ended?

Through the Board Fair, I was introduced to a local organization.  I was able to connect with one of the existing board members of the organization after completing BOLD, and I now serve on the 401(k) committee of this organization.  Without BOLD, I likely would not have heard of this organization or found this opportunity.

Learn more about United Way's BOLD and how to apply for the 2014 fall class. Please contact Anna Coutts at or call 513-762-7235 if you have any questions.