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May 29, 2014

What's your leadership style?

How would you describe your leadership style? That's the seemingly simple question asked to each speaker at Leadership Live, an event hosted for United Way’s Emerging Leaders to learn from our region’s top leaders. 


Still, it’s always refreshing to hear the insight each speaker provides, and Mary McCullough-Hudson (above right) was no exception at May's Leadership Live gathering. During Mary’s time as CEO of ArtsWave, the annual community arts campaign grew into the largest in the country. And for the Emerging Leaders gathered, she reflected on how her leadership style evolved over the course of her 34-year tenure at ArtsWave.

Mary initially honed her skills while leading from behind – very important in the nonprofit world when many of your key stakeholders are successful leaders in their own businesses. And as she evolved into her role as CEO, Mary now provides the vision to drive change from the front as she helps ArtsWave move toward a measurable, impact-based agenda.


Yet, you don’t have to be a CEO to be a leader in the local nonprofit community.  ArtsWave’s Boardway Bound or United Way’s BOLD can prepare you to become more involved as nonprofit board member.  Throughout the summer, we'll be showcasing other ways fellow Emerging Leaders are actively involved in Greater Cincinnati. 

Tell us, how are you leading in our community?

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