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April 08, 2014

Who did you rely on to get through life’s everyday challenges?

In honor of National Volunteer Week, our friends at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati shared this story with us.

Recent high school graduate and former Little Brother Lucas Watkins shares his thoughts about Big Brother and Big Sister Dan and Carole Funch. We started by asking him what the best part was about being matched with them:

"I can’t say that there was one part that bested the other. They were always there for me, no matter what. They had a smile on their face whenever I saw them. Even when Dan had hurt his back and I visited him in the hospital, he still showed me that he was ready to keep kicking life’s butt one joy at a time. They both always found a way to show me love and support. Them, as a pair, was the best part of being matched.

"When I was paired with Dan and Carole, I didn’t know what to think. When I shared time with them, I would often learn many life lessons. I was able to give life an approach of a more comprehensive individual. So the most significant accomplishment to me was the ability to live the way that I do each and every day. That doesn’t include any of the silly and fun adventures we would have together either.

"A negative part of being matched with Dan and Carole was probably the fact that they didn't make their delicious foods enough! Seriously speaking though, I don’t have any negative feedback on our relationship and I know it will continue to grow in the future.

"As for the agency, I would recommend finding more Big Brothers and Sisters like Dan and Carole! I haven't ever felt anything but at home and honest with myself when I was with them."

How did you decide which college you wanted to attend? How did you figure out which career was right for you? Even more, how did you ever find confidence to get through that calculus or chemistry exam? Whether a parent, a sibling, a teacher or family friend, someone was probably there for you to talk through these decisions. For some children, a mentor is the only person in their life they can count on, someone they know who cares about them and will be there for them when dealing with life’s everyday challenges.

Now it’s your turn to be there for someone else. Celebrate National Volunteer Week by volunteering to becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister today. Sign up or learn more