Embracing a new era of giving

Corporate Social Responsibility has been turned upside down by a new generation of employees that has entered the workforce. They value purpose over paycheck. They care deeply about their personal impact and employer’s social impact.

How do you connect every employee’s individual passions to the right opportunities to give back?

That’s why Salesforce.org and United Way have partnered to create Philanthropy Cloud , a corporate impact platform designed for this new era of giving. Give every employee access to a global network of opportunities to donate, volunteer and advocate for any cause.



Lead with Purpose

We listened And along with Salesforce.org, created Philanthropy Cloud

    • It gives companies an advantage in the talent war, giving young employees more power to engage with social issues 24/7 – and to connect with change-makers and follow employees.
    • It makes employee engagement dramatically easier, more efficient and more effective.
    • It helps companies streamline, modernize and expand existing philanthropic programs.
    • It makes measurement easier.
    • Its technology outpaces the competition.




Trailblazers in Cincinnati:



Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud takes it to a different level.

    • It’s the only global platform that connects employees, customers and partners with the causes they care most about.
    • It’s the only platform for social purpose backed by the world’s largest nonprofit and the world’s most innovative company.
    • It’s the only global use of digital technology that brings social and personal purpose together.

Now available for purchase anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.





Brian GallagherBuilding stronger communities in the future will require individuals and institutions to join forces to make a difference at scale. Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud, puts companies and individuals in the driver’s seat of community engagement, allowing them to easily engage, advocate, and organize.

Brian Gallagher, President & CEO
United Way Worldwide


Nasi Jazayeri"We live in a scroll-friendly, swipe-happy world. We also live in a world where people are driven by purpose. We teamed up with United Way, a global nonprofit leader in social change, to create the perfect storm of innovation and social good, Salesforce.org Philanthropy Cloud.

Nasi Jazayeri, EVP & GM
Philanthropy Cloud, Salesforce.org




To learn more, please contact David Emery (david.emery@uwgc.org), Manager of Digital Engagement