Invest in your philanthropic future

There is a new way to structure your annual gift to create an endowed fund that will benefit future generations and support the work at United Way that is important to you and helpful to our community.


 Increase Your Annual Gift Now

  • This opportunity is available to members who contribute $10,000 or more to the annual campaign
  • Use cash or stock to increase your annual gift (in any amount)
  • Increased contributions may vary from year to year
  • Total contributed dollars are counted in the annual campaign

Match your increase

  • This match is an equal amount from your base gift up to $5,000. Increase and match are deposited into your endowment fund.

Possible Scenario for Funding an Endowment Gift

($250,000 endows an annual gift of $10,000)


Enjoy Benefits in Retirement

  • Proceeds from your endowed gift will fund your gift annually
  • Your endowed gift qualifies you for membership in United Way Tocqueville Legacy Circle, a worldwide movement of forward-thinking leaders

Make an Impact – Forever!

  • Your fund will continue to make meaningful, local impact for generations to come.

Want to know more? 

For more information, email to reach a member of the Tocqueville team.