Connected by Culture

United Way's Hispanic Leadership Society understand the importance of shared heritage and values, and enjoy the amenities of an extended 'family' as part of this group. We're working together as United Way donors, volunteers and advocates to create a place where children and families thrive, neighbors care for each other and where we are proud of the quality of life enjoyed by all. 

Hispanic Leadership Society benefits

  • Volunteer on projects targeting needs in the Hispanic Community
  • Focus on education for Hispanic youth in our region
  • Find opportunities to serve on non-profit boards
  • Celebrate special events at members' homes

Contact: For more information, email or call 513-762-7207.

Step-Up Program

You can become a Hispanic Leadership Society through the Step-Up program. Start with a step-up gift amount that incrementally increases over a three-year period while you enjoy membership benefits starting year one. Learn more.