The Way Forward

Help local businesses as they revitalize from the impacts of COVID-19 and get rewarded for being a loyal donor!

United, We Can

Building a strong community where all people can thrive depends on your generous support.

Introducing: The Way Forward

United is the way to recovery. While COVID-19 significantly impacted many local businesses, the can-do, Greater-Cincinnati way is to help our neighbors. In that spirit, United Way of Greater Cincinnati is launching The Way Forward, a program focused on helping local businesses and rewarding United Way supporters.

Every year, United Way relies on workplace campaigns to solicit more than 300,000 individuals for donations that help our community solve its most systemic problems. This year, we’re taking a different approach. We are going directly to donors who want to help their neighbors recover and revitalize. We kicked off our campaign three months early and invited everyone – businesses large and small, both individuals and foundations – to support the many tri-state families in need.

United Way donors care about their communities. They give. They advocate. They volunteer. Now they can go a step further by helping both United Way and locally owned businesses impacted by COVID-19. We want YOU to benefit from this!

Give a tax-deductible gift to
United Way of Greater Cincinnati.
Exclusive discounts to
fantastic local businesses.



  1. Give a tax-deductible gift to United Way of Greater Cincinnati. Qualification options include:

    • Increasing last year’s United Way gift by at least 10%.

    • If you didn’t give last year, giving a new gift of at least $100.

    • Joining or maintaining membership in a United Way Donor Network.

  2. Once your gift is processed, you will receive an email with an up-to-date list of participating businesses offering exclusive discounts

  3. Shop to support local businesses!

See a list of current participating businesses below.


  • Exposes United Way’s current donors to your business (about 62,000)

  • Increases traffic to your business

  • Encourages community giving


This is up to your discretion. We ask partner companies only to offer an incentive to individuals who give to United Way of Greater Cincinnati and qualify for the program. (This will be tracked by United Way.) You decide what to offer to patrons – 5%, 10%, or 15%. It is completely up to you!

While we are focused on supporting individuals and families across our community, we recognize many of those same individuals are your employees, who have been greatly affected by COVID-19. We are looking for new, exciting ways to generate donations to support the recovery and revitalization of our favorite local establishments while continuing to respond to immediate community needs.


Complete the Application Form and submit it to


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