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LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. — After they’ve paid for tuition and books, many college students struggle to afford food or to meet other basic needs. But students at Ivy Tech Community College’s Lawrenceburg campus now have easy access to a new food pantry created with funding awarded by United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s Southeast Indiana office. 

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio — The Eastern Area office of UWGC played a major role in organizing Summer Blast, a dinner and resource fair held Aug. 11 for residents of Thomaston Woods and Thomaston Meadows in Clermont County’s Batavia Township. 

Dear friends,

Our continuing discussion of United Way of Greater Cincinnati’s impact over the past year now turns to our strategy of empowering families to receive help where they live, work and worship.

We invested more than $1 million through this strategy and also distributed more than $1 million in donated goods. We engaged and supported 678 partners and 1,275 volunteers.

Dear friends,

To continue our discussion on last year’s strategy and impact, this week I am spotlighting our direct relief work. 

In my nearly 30-year career at Hamilton County Job and Family Services, I spent a great deal of time with families and children experiencing crisis. Whether it be loss of a job or the heartbreaking loss of a child, they turned to us for support. 

CINCINNATI, Ohio (August 5, 2021) — She coughed persistently and felt short of breath. In December 2020, 66-year-old Angie Rush was diagnosed with COVID-19. She later learned that everyone in her four-unit Golf Manor apartment building had the disease.

“I had a bad journey, and the Lord took me and made me well,” Rush says. “But I was just so afraid to get it again. I was so nervous after going through that. I just wanted a shot so bad.”

CINCINNATI, Ohio (August 3, 2021) -

Dear friends,

The pandemic year was devastating not only to families throughout our community, but also to so many nonprofits, faith-based groups, and countless other organizations committed to being a resource for the vulnerable.

At United Way, we realized that we were uniquely poised to effectively stabilize and support our community’s nonprofit system of care. With your financial investment and shared determination, we were able to accomplish so much:

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (July 30, 2021) - If the job they were hired to do no longer becomes necessary, that’s OK with the newest members of UWGC’s Middletown Area Center team.

Community health workers Joslynn Pretty and Calvin Davis are building relationships with local businesses and agencies. They are meeting residents in the Middletown area to raise awareness and educate people about COVID-19 vaccines. 

“I would much rather eradicate this (virus),” Davis said. “I’m OK with working myself out of a job because it means we were successful.”

July 27, 2021 —

Dear friends,

My first day at United Way of Greater Cincinnati coincided exactly with the beginning of the pandemic. I was already well acquainted with the incredibly difficult challenges families in our community face, and I knew those who would be most devastated by the emerging crisis would be those who could least afford it. I understood gaps would grow, disparities would worsen and swift intervention would be required to ensure future generations do not continue to bear the heavy burden of this time.

CINCINNATI, Ohio (July 5, 2021) -

Dear friends,  

This money helps the "boots on the ground" stabilize and budget for 2022. Their work is extremely important. While the health effects of the pandemic may be subsiding, families still struggle with the economic effects. They rely on nonprofits, faith-based organizations and other community groups they know and trust.

GREENDALE, Ind. (July 2, 2021) - In the third quarter of 2020, United Way of Greater Cincinnati Southeast Indiana awarded $121,000 to nine Southeast Indiana nonprofits to help residents meet basic needs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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