Free Tax Preparation Program

Many hardworking people in our region qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other tax credits, but aren’t getting the full refund they deserve. United Way is committed to improving financial stability for individuals and families, so each year we offer Free Tax Prep to help families save approximately $250 in tax prep fees, get the credits they deserve and help them keep more of their money.

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About Free Tax Prep Services 

Free Tax Prep, an initiative of United Way of Greater Cincinnati, provides free income tax preparation and filing services. Funded by the IRS and powered by volunteers.

We offer services including preparing and filing your taxes on your behalf or supporting you in preparing and filing your taxes on your own. You can connect with Free Tax Prep online or in person. All in-person services have been modified to limit contact and ensure safe distancing.

To determine the best Free Tax Prep Service for you, whether it's in-person or virtual, call 2-1-1 for assistance. For the most up-to-date list of sites, click here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the changes to the American Rescue Plan impact my tax return?
    Summary and details are available here

  • What do I do if I think I need to amend my 2020 return?
    Summary and details are available here

  • I haven't received my refund yet. What should I do? 
    If you file with Free Tax Prep, we only see if your return is accepted by the IRS or state. You can visit the IRS Get My Payment website to see your refund status. 

  • Do I qualify for Free Tax Prep?
    You can usually get help if you identify as low to moderate income and live in the Greater Cincinnati area. In limited cases, income restrictions may apply based on total income and family size. 
  • How do I find a Free Tax Prep service near me?
    Call 211 to find the best option for you. 
  • What do I Need to File my Taxes? 
    Use the list below to gather all the documents and forms you’ll need to get started with Free Tax Prep. Any item with a star (*) is mandatory; without it, you will be unable to access Free Tax Prep. All other items are highly recommended.

    REQUIRED Personal Information (You/ Spouse/ Dependents)

  • Photo identification for primary individual(s) filing the return (you/ spouse)*
  • Social Security cards or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number cards for everyone listed on the return (you, spouse, and dependents or children).*
  • Birth dates of everyone listed on the return (you, spouse, and dependents or children).*
  • Last Year’s Tax Return.
  • Information about your stimulus payment — also known as an economic impact payment (EIP). You may have IRS Notice 1444 or other records showing your EIP amount.
  • Canceled check or bank-routing and account numbers for direct deposit, if you choose.
  • If applicable: Identity Protection PIN, if one has been issued to you, your spouse, or your dependent by the IRS.
  • Income Information: All W-2, 1099 forms and other information for income received in 2020 by you, spouse, and dependent(s).
  • Credit and deduction documentation.

How to GIVE help

  • Build financial stability for families by helping them prepare and file their taxes virtually or at one of our Free Tax Prep sites. Volunteers will receive training to complete returns using tax software. Learn more.

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