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UWGC and Alliance Data help ensure Clermont County students have supplies

Volunteers provided items for pre-K and kindergarten in six school districts.
October 4, 2021

CLERMONT COUNTY, Ohio (Oct. 1, 2021) — For a young child, happiness is opening a fresh box of Crayons and pondering the possibilities offered by those colorful, sharpened sticks of wax. Of course, the list of school supplies needed by pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students also includes folders, pencils, erasers, notebooks, dry-erase markers, backpacks and the like.

Such school supplies are essential, perhaps more important than many people realize.

When a family can’t afford supplies and a child comes to school unprepared, it can create social and emotional challenges that affect a child’s self-esteem and cause learning to suffer. It also places a strain on the classroom.

On the other hand, studies have shown that children who are equipped with needed supplies have a better attitude toward learning and they exhibit higher self-esteem. What’s more, when all children in a classroom are equipped with supplies, it creates a more equitable learning environment. And teachers don’t have the burden of paying for supplies out of their own pockets.

United Way prioritizes quality early childhood education because it correlates with economic well-being later in life. And so, as this school year began, UWGC Eastern Area and employees of Alliance Data helped ensure that six Clermont County school districts received supplies for their pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes.

Fifteen Alliance Data staff members gathered Aug. 27 at Miami Meadows Park in Clermont County’s Miami Township to sort school supplies that they donated. Many more Alliance Data employees shipped their donated supplies.

Marcie Langendorfer of UWGC’s Eastern Area delivered items to schools in these districts: Central Northeastern, Goshen, New Richmond, Felicity-Franklin, Bethel-Tate and Williamsburg.

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