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Moira's Message: Our Advocacy - Caring for Children

May 4, 2021

Dear United Way friends,

We constantly lead or join advocacy efforts to improve the lives of Greater Cincinnati residents. While we do not always publicize this work, a couple recent efforts are worth noting. 

On April 12, we co-hosted a legislative briefing with our agency partners and other local organizations to discuss the state of child care in our region. More than a dozen local lawmakers attended. 

We all know the pandemic decimated the child care industry. It also highlighted the inequities in the system. A lot of work is needed to reconstruct center and home-based care for working parents who need it. Child care not only supports the workforce of today, it develops the workforce of tomorrow. It was critical to share our research and knowledge with those who can create family friendly policies backed up with supportive funding. 

On May 13, United Way’s Success By 6® will host a local listening session for Black mothers and fathers to discuss infant mortality with Gov. Mike DeWine’s Eliminating Disparities in Infant Mortality Task Force.  Infant mortality has been a problem in this region for decades, and particularly a problem in the Black community.  

We are using our relationships and work in the community to bring these families together to share their experiences. It is very important task force members hear from people who live with these challenges daily. Families must be part of deciding the response and development of any system changes. We want solutions with positive outcomes, driven by families. Family voice helps achieve our mission. 

These are just two examples of work we do daily to bring our community together around persistent, long-term systemic challenges. Yes, we solve the problems of today, but we simultaneously work toward eliminating those problems in the future by deconstructing the system.

That’s the United Way Difference. 

Moira Weir
United Way of Greater Cincinnati

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