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January 8, 2021

Dozens of donors raised their commitments to the annual campaign in the final days of 2019 to take contributions to the $50 million mark.   This is in addition to hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of individuals who banded together to ensure the continuation of full funding for United Way initiatives and partner agencies, reversing a three-year decline.

Steve Shifman, Board Chair of United Way, gave particular thanks to Campaign Chair Archie Brown and Vice Chair Cynthia Booth.    “Some said hitting this mark couldn’t be done.   But with special people taking leadership, anything is possible.  And believe me when I say there are few as special than Archie and Cynthia.” 

Steve also highlighted the staff of United Way.   “United Way staff have had an incredible year, made a strong comeback, and provided real solutions to our neighbors throughout the region,” said Shifman. 
Barbara Turner, United Way Vice Chair concluded: “And while our fundraising target is important, the number to keep in mind above all is 330,000. That’s how many lives will be changed thanks to the generosity of our community as a result of this campaign.”

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