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Moira's Message: UWGC Grants $9M+ to Help With COVID-19 Fallout

UWGC has granted approximately 135 partner agencies a total of more than $9 million to help stablize COVID-19's impact on local families.
July 5, 2021

CINCINNATI, Ohio (July 5, 2021) -

Dear friends,  

This money helps the "boots on the ground" stabilize and budget for 2022. Their work is extremely important. While the health effects of the pandemic may be subsiding, families still struggle with the economic effects. They rely on nonprofits, faith-based organizations and other community groups they know and trust.

All grant recipients are partner agencies funded by United Way in the past few years and work throughout United Way's 10-county service area in southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana. Together, they serve tens of thousands of Greater Cincinnati residents, helping families meet basic needs, reach financial stability, improve health and wellness and obtain quality education, among other things. A complete list of the agencies can be found at: uwgc.org/partners.

This continues our support of nonprofits during COVID. These same partners were advanced allocated money last year to help with immediate COVID response, and were among the groups receiving $7.2 million in relief funding through the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund. We supported them in many other ways, including distributing 1.6 million masks -- donated by Procter & Gamble -- through them to the families they serve.

I'm proud to say we also expanded our support beyond partner agencies to work with hundreds of other community-based and faith-based groups, ensuring equitable relief efforts. That work will continue; United Way is committed to showing up and being relevant in all communities.

We exist at the intersection of donor interest and community need. Our donors trust us to know what is going on in our community, to assess where the need is greatest and to develop a plan that not only meets the immediate need but changes the system so people are financially stable in the future. We are grateful to have that trust and proud to partner with key nonprofits making our community better.


Moira Weir

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