United, We Can

Building a strong community where all people can thrive depends on your generous support.

Moira's Message: The United Way's "WHY"

We all have our “why” that compels us. Read about UWGC's "Why" and our updated Vision and Mission statements.
September 28, 2021

CINCINNATI, Ohio (September 28, 2021) — 

Dear United Way friends,

We all have our “why” that compels us. From the time I mentored a young foster teen more than 30 years ago, my “why” has been centered on supporting young people and families on their chosen path to success. This “why” compelled me to leave a job in the real estate business for social work, launching a now 30-year career serving families and children.

At United Way of Greater Cincinnati, our “why” is the economic well-being of all. We believe all individuals and families in our region deserve to thrive. We recently updated our vision and mission to focus us on that goal:

  • Our Vision: Our vision is a vital and caring community where all enjoy economic well-being and thrive.

  • Our Mission: We build solutions and align systems to help all achieve economic well-being and thrive.

It is very simply stated, but, of course, very complex work. Systemic challenges keep families in a cycle of economic hardship. Daily, we support families by not only meeting their immediate needs but by learning from those interactions and applying those learnings to changing systems so more thrive in the future.

Everything we do—promoting quality education, good mental and physical health, and financial stability and mobility—ladders up to the goal of economic well-being for all Greater Cincinnatians.

We rely on individuals and families—and those closest to them—to help us form solutions. They know what works best. And we rely on your support. Without you, our work is not possible.

I have seen communities experience true economic well-being when the systemic inequities are eliminated. But that only happens when we live our mission. When we live united.


Moira Weir
United Way of Greater Cincinnati

United, We Can

Building a strong community where all people can thrive depends on your generous support.

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