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Moira's Message: Helping When the Need is Greatest

The county entrusted us to put a network of social services together to serve those affected by the Coronavirus and in dire need. Here are some of the results.
April 27, 2021

Dear United Way friends,

As I have mentioned before, one of the things I am most proud of after a year on the job is how quickly we established partnerships to meet community needs. One of those partnerships was with Hamilton County. 

The county partnered with us on many fronts, including screening non-profits and distributing $1 million in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act money to serve local youth.

We also received $250,000 to provide direct relief to our Project Lift recipients to address immediate needs on their journey from poverty.

The county entrusted us to put a network of social services together to serve those affected by the Coronavirus and in dire need. We did what we do best – we convened a diverse group of resources and focused them on the problem. Our goal was to help people who had tested positive, families of those who tested positive, those laid off from their job – anyone who had their life turned upside down by the pandemic was, and is, eligible for help.

In its first two months alone, our Care Coordination Program:

  • delivered 1,295 meal kits and 1,140 health kits.
  • provided rent, mortgage or water bill assistance to 873 individuals or families.
  • connected 260 people to employment services.
  • linked 216 people to mental health services.

The work is still ongoing, but our $1 million 211 CARES initiative stands out as really helping local residents when their need is greatest:

Brian, 53, had never considered the possibility of losing his house, or his family being homeless.

The married father of two lives in North College Hill. His job as a machinist provided steady income – until the pandemic hit. Suddenly, his life was turned upside down and his home at risk. Learn how we helped Brian here 

We appreciate the county entrusting us with such great responsibility. We appreciate the growing partnership. We appreciate the opportunity to do what we do best – helping others. 

Moira Weir

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