United, We Can

Building a strong community where all people can thrive depends on your generous support.


April 29, 2021

Dear United Way friends,

Our recent work with Hamilton County on a Relief-a-Thon for victims of COVID-19 is a perfect example of the partnerships we need to ensure positive impact in our community.

Our 211 helpline has become a one-stop shop for COVID relief information and connection to helpful services, so we were a natural to handle calls for COVID help during the Relief-a-Thon hosted by Hamilton County Commissioner Alicia Reece. We also are uniquely positioned, with our many connections to social services, government, businesses, faith-based groups, community-based groups and more, to convene resources around ingrained societal problems.

For the Relief-a-Thon, we rallied together with other community partners and county agencies, such as Job and Family Services, to ensure people received the help they need. Thank you to the many at United Way, our partners, our volunteers, Commissioner Reece, Commissioners Denise Driehaus and Stephanie Summerow Dumas and many others who made the night a success.

It was fun to convene and be united in helping our community. But it was heart-wrenching to hear the stories of so many who need help. It reaffirmed our commitment – we heard, once again, about the tremendous need in our community and we learned, once again, how important our organization is to helping in those times of great need.

But we know we can’t do this work alone. Developing quality partnerships -- like this one with the county -- is vital to serving families well and ensuring our impact is bigger and more powerful than just 1 +1 = 2.

As we continue to provide relief to families on shaky financial ground, we’re working closely with many community and faith-based partners to see patterns, learn where the needs are greatest and find opportunities to change systems so fewer people need relief in the future. We’re working simultaneously with corporate partners to gather resources for families in need and provide opportunities for employees to leverage their interests and talents to help us serve the community.

Together, we do more. Partnerships are key. We need each other. 

Moira Weir

United, We Can

Building a strong community that takes care of everyone who lives here depends on your generous support.

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