NKY Child Care Centers Appreciate United Way Mask & Sanitizer Giveaway

The giveaway stemmed from Gov. Andy Beshear's executive order requiring students in K-12 schools and children age 2 or older in public child care to wear masks.
September 9, 2021

FORT MITCHELL, Ky. ā€” Stacey Sanders of Immanuel Kids Day Out Preschool walked out of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky office on Aug. 19 with several boxes of protective masks, including some that were child-size.

ā€œWeā€™ll use them for parents who come in without masks, and to supplement staff masking, and as a supplement for children who donā€™t have masks,ā€ Sanders said. ā€œHaving partnerships . . . to give us things like masks and PPE just frees our budget up. And it helps to know we have a place to go to get quality things like this for our families and students and staff.ā€

On that Thursday, the UWGC Northern Kentucky office invitedĀ child careĀ providers and schools to stop by and pick up masks and hand sanitizer. The giveaway was in response to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshearā€™s Aug. 10 executive order requiring students in K-12 schools and childrenĀ ageĀ 2 or older in publicĀ child careĀ to wear masks. Although Beshear rescinded his order on Aug. 23, an emergency regulation from the Kentucky Department of Health remained in effect, requiring masks be worn by adults and childrenĀ ageĀ 2 and older inĀ child careĀ programs.

ā€œMost of our programs, weā€™re down to the penny on budgeting.Ā SoĀ every little bit helps,ā€ said Karen Sherman, director of Creative Beginnings Preschool in Florence. She picked up masks and hand sanitizer.

ā€œI see that so many places are out of masks completely,ā€ Sanders said. Schools, she noted, are bound to run out. She looked at Kaeli Erskine of UWGCā€™s Northern Kentucky office, and Sandy Woodall, executive director/CEO of EC Learn, a United Way partner that serves as aĀ child careĀ resource and referral agency. ā€œWeā€™re so grateful to you,ā€ Sanders said. ā€œThank you for supporting us andĀ child careĀ centers.ā€

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