Thank you for joining the fight. Together, we will create a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Please use these tools to help spread the word and the excitement about this year’s campaign. We are one community. To live better. We must Live United. 

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Download and print posters, brochures, pledge cards and more


◀ William, Lawrenceburg, IN | Low Res
Monique, Fairmount, OH | Low Res
Elizabeth & Mae, Ft. Mitchell, KY | Low Res
Larry, Batavia, OH | Low Res
Liz, Newport, KY | Low Res
Samuel, Westwood, OH | Low Res



◀ United Way Brochure



Campaign Thermometer 

◀ Samuel, Westwood, OH
Monique, Fairmount, OH
Elizabeth & Mae, Ft. Mitchell, KY
Larry, Batavia, OH
Liz, Newport, KY


With three unique stories on the cover

◀ Debbie & Cyan, Newport, KY
Kevin, Walnut Hills, OH
Sophia, Trevor and Natalie, White Oak, OH