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November 25, 2015

Every Child Succeeds Puts Family on the Path to Success

"Your program is wonderful,” writes Jessica to Every Child Succeeds (ECS). “It not only benefited my now eight-year-old daughter, but also my six-year-old son, my 17-month-old daughter, and myself.”

ECS helps parents create a nurturing, healthy environment for their children. Home visits, which take place from the time of pregnancy through the child’s third birthday, are designed to ensure an optimal start both physically and emotionally.


“My oldest daughter graduated from ECS, and started kindergarten when she was four. I am so terribly proud of her and her successes. She just completed third grade, and earned high marks on her end-of-the-year tests that placed her in the 85th percentile nationwide in math, reading and language. She also has been placed at a high sixth-grade level in math and reading. 

“While my son did not go through your program, he has definitely benefitted from the skills ECS taught me. He finished kindergarten and ranked in the 88th percentile nationwide in both math and reading. He has been getting speech therapy for three years to help him with articulation and pronunciation, but, even so, he tests at grade level for his vocabulary.

“My youngest daughter has already learned her colors, can count to 10, knows some shapes, has a b road vocabulary, and is speaking in full five-to-six-word sentences.

“I just wanted to thank Every Child Succeeds for giving me the necessary skills to help my children succeed in life. Not only have I used it for my children, but I have become a Head Start teacher, and have been able to apply the skills to help other children succeeds, too.

“Your program is a true benefit to anyone who is willing to put the work in. THANK YOU! Because of ECS, my children will have a bright future, and so will many other children.”