Stepping UP for education

United Way's Women Investing in the Next Generation (WINGs) is dedicated to improving and expanding quality early learning for children. Our investments and energy are accelerating progress toward the region's Bold Goal for kindergarten readiness. 

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When you make an annual gift of $2,500 to $9,999, WINGs membership provides many ways to pursue your passion. 

  • Be INSPIRED: Encourage low-income women seeking family, job and personal guidance through the monthly VISIONS roundtable

  • Be BOLD: Advocate at Federal, state and local government levels

  • Be CONNECTED: Create powerful connections through events and fun activities with fellow members

Contact: For more information, email or call 513-762-7184


You can become a WINGs member through the Step-Up program. Start with a step-up gift amount that incrementally increases over a three-year period while you enjoy membership benefits starting year one. Learn more...

Women's Leadership – FOREVER!

Women currently giving at the leadership level can also contribute to the collective endowment fund that supports women's leadership initiatives related to United Way's mission. Learn more...

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